Sunday 31 January 2021

Winter is not over yet the sales continue ! There is now -30% on the collections by Atelier Content & Aymara Belgium.
Check the sizes left on our eshop or just pay us a little visit!

Work in progress

Saturday 30 January 2021

Hard to believe but Spring will come one day. So we are preparing it with enthusiasm! In the mean time welcome in the shop or the eshop for the winter collection with a lot of discounted pieces !
And please remember: it is now time to #buylocal or #byebyelocal
I am sorry to have to say this but many of us won’t be able to resist this crazy situation much longer...

New window

Thursday 28 January 2021

Such a gloomy day ! If only we could stay in bed and watch the snowy rain fall all day... but the sun is in our hearts and we are in the atelier working on the next spring/summer pieces ... And of course at your service if you feel like paying us a little visit ... Still some nice discounts on plenty of pieces of the winter collection! Check our eshop too ! Have a nice weekend !


Friday 08 January 2021

We wish you all the best for 2O21 ! May this year bring you blessings beyond measure. 

We are back at work, busy on the next Spring collection and excited for what's coming.

It's January and we all know that this is the month of sales, so we are offering you a 20% to 50% discount on some pieces of our winter collection, of the Belgian shoe collection Atelier Content and the knitwear by Aymara.

Check it out in the shop or on the e-shop !


Wednesday 23 December 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been challenging for all of us but as the year comes to it's end, let's try to focus on what we've learned from all this and on the good parts of this year.

 We would like to wish you all great holiday's full of love, joy and laughter. Enjoy these moments with your loved ones because one of the most important lessons of this year is to take nothing for granted.

Let's enter this new year with even more determination and a positive mindset.
Sending all our love !

By the way the shop will also be closed on Saturday 26th December.
Take care and see you very soon.


Wednesday 09 December 2020

Offer more than a gift, offer your values with the positive impact gift card : Ethi'kdo, valid in our shop !

This card gives you access to the whole world of sustainable and ecological consumption.

To make your loved ones discover your approach and gently accompany them towards responsible consumption, leave them the choice to pick what they desire among all our eco-friendly items, available on our e-shop and in store. 


Wednesday 25 November 2020

Here we go again with another lockdown.

We are available for any questions or concerns you may have and this time we are offering a Teleshopping session with us !
You can send us a message via our social media to book an appointement. 
You can pick what you want, try them at home and return whatever item doesnt't fit you.

We will take care of the shipping and return !

Take care and stay safe.


Saturday 10 October 2020

Today marks the beginning of the Belgian Fashion Week which honors and celebrates all the amazing and talented designers in our country, the well known ones as well as the hidden gems.

Valérie Berckmans is a Belgian brand that promotes and supports the local market by buying and producing her pieces in Belgium. 

Long live Belgian fashion !


Wednesday 30 September 2020

It is with a lot of excitement that we would like to share with you a small glimpse of our upcoming collection.

This comfy and chic sweater is made out of 100% organic coton and vintage fabrics.

This top is the perfect mix of a simple yet elegant style.

Available in store.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Friday 21 August 2020

Let’s look forward with faith & enthousiasm!

I am happily back at work after some relaxing weeks of holidays and Atelier Content just delivered her new collection 😊

What a perfect timing for these classics boots and shoes that will accompany you for years !

Now in the shop, very soon on our eshop!

Check it out!


Saturday 11 July 2020

Let’s go fluo!

A real summer fabric in an optical white jersey of organic cotton displaying flashy stripes 😊

Available in a dress or top version... All you need for the warm days ahead!

Check our eshop or come along in the boutique!

Don't forget to use the 10% discount with the code “SUMMERTIME” 🤩 until the end of July!


Tuesday 30 June 2020

Welcome in the shop for a big Summer Stock Sale!

From tomorrow & until the end of July, there is from 20 to 50% on our previous collections!

Special discount of 10% on all the summer collection & our timeless pieces 😊 in the shop or on our eshop with the code « SUMMERTIME ».

Hope to see you soon!!

We are reopening our shop!

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Finally, after almost 2 months of confinement we are happy to reopen our doors!

The shop will be open on the regular hours from 11h to 18h30, Tuesday to Saturday.


We will of course be taking all the necessary precautions and security measures.


We will be very happy to see you again!


Valérie & Meyrueis

Our e-shop is online!

Wednesday 15 April 2020

It's a mix between our timeless classics & the pieces of our new Spring collection...
It will be completed day after day with some of the newly arrived styles...

We hope you will like it !

So, please, check it out, tell us what you think and don't forget, even though the boutique is closed, we remain at your disposal for any question or advice, as close as possible to the real life experience we miss so much !

Take care of yourself & your loved ones!

Valérie & Meyrueis


Friday 17 January 2020

In 2020, let’s try harder on our zero-waste objective! Simple yet very hard to achieve, irresponsible waste has been part of our cultures and mindset since the industrial revolution. And now we are facing ahugeenvironemental challenge. How can we change that?

Change takes roots in small actions and at an individual scale. Realizing the opportunities and options our “waste” can create is a new way to open to new possibilities and contribute to modern business model based on circular production and/or consumption

So let's get to work, with music of course